Gas Plumbing

Old School Gas Fitters

Want to make savings on your energy bill? Switch to gas!  
Most homes and businesses in South East Qld either have natural gas in the street or LPG bottles can be supplied and fitted to your property.  
At Old School Plumbing and Gas, our gas fitters are fully qualified and we provide a gas certificate for all gas maintenance, repairs, and installations we work on.
Gas certificates are required by law and provide you with peace of mind that the work has been carried out by a professional and adheres to current safety standards.  

It is worth noting that it is illegal for anyone who is not qualified to install gas appliances. Having work carried out at your premises that is not certified by a qualified gas fitter can attract fines or compromise your insurance cover.

Safety First

We believe that your safety is the most important factor when carrying out gas fitting work.  
Because of this we can service existing gas cookers, hobs, heaters, and fires, but when it comes to installation we will only install new appliances (never secondhand). This is because of the stringent gas regulations that we have to meet to protect you from any gas leaks which can lead to fires or other incidents. 

Complete Installation

Often when installing a gas appliance, an electrician is also required to provide an electrical connection or disconnect your old appliance. We have a strong relationship with a number of electrical contractors and can coordinate for the electrician to be on-site at the required time to provide this service.  

Gas Cooking

Gas cookers and hobs are popular not only for their energy-saving properties but also for the superior cooking experience they deliver.  

Gas Hot Water

An instantaneous gas hot water unit only heats water as you need it. This means you’ll never run out of hot water and never have to pay to heat water you don’t use. Find out more in our Hot Water page.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are dangerous as they can cause gas poisoning or fire. If you suspect you have a gas leak, shut off the gas at the source and call us; 
we  will be there as quickly as we can. Don’t use your gas appliance again until we have checked and given it the all clear.